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Monday, August 20, 2012

South River WebDrive Enterprise Edition v10.20.2588


South River WebDrive Enterprise Edition v10.20.2588 WinALL Cracked-BLiZZARD
Scene group BLiZZARD released the latest update of South River WebDrive. Unlike a typical FTP client, WebDrive allows you to open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file. Using a simple wizard, you assign a network drive letter to the FTP Server. By connecting through a virtual drive, there is no need to learn a separate FTP client interface. You access and edit files on the server the same way that you interact with files on your local PC. WebDrive is the only FTP Client that supports additional protocols such as WebDAV, SFTP and Amazon S3 and maps a drive letter to each of these servers. Please select the type of computer below to get more information and a free trial of the WebDrive FTP Client.


Changes in 10.20.. 
* New:Added SFTP feature to auto mount folders at connect
time with a list of folders to mount.
* New:Added new FTP proxy server type for login. 
* New:Added WebDAV /allprop option for PROPFINDS for servers 
that don't always return requested attributes. 
* New:Added support for Amazon remote buckets and folders by 
specifying on the S3 bucket setting a bucket and folder
with syntax like "/bucket/remote-folder" 
* New:Added command line option for specifying S3 bucket name
/bucket: when making command line connections
* Added:Support for GroupDrive server WAN address setting when 
using QuickLinks 
* Fixed:For Amazon S3 servers remove check on connect for read 
permissions to the ACL which the client may not have 
when accessing a shared bucket.
* Fixed:Issue with transfer manager that could make "connect 
at login/startup" no longer be persistent after running
a transfer job.
* Fixed:Issue with webdrive.exe processes being left running 
after scheduled backup jobs run
* Fixed:S3 issues with specifying custom buckets and directory 
listings showing as empty. 
* Change: For FTP connections default data connections to
passive mode (PASV). 
* Change: For Amazon S3 servers add a new setting that will
allow you to control whether a check for duplicate 
files will be done which can speed up performance
significantly by not doing the check. WebDrive will
now default to not performing the check for best 
performance where previous versions always performed 
the check. 

    Simple Set-up and Configuration
    Security Features
    Works from Within Your Favorite Applications
    Convenient Search Capability for Your Server Files
    DOS/Legacy Support (Command Line)

Release name:
Size: 6.15 MB / 10.33 MB

Install Notes
Run WEBDRIVE64_10_20_2588_EN.EXE and follow instructions.
Run B-WDE10202588-PATCH.EXE to eliminate the online authorization check from the activation procedure. 
Product Registration Code: 55-3FCN05-81156ACC-007D06-5432


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