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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legends of Pegasus PC

Legends of Pegasus

Legends of Pegasus PC SKIDROW
Scene group SKIDROW released the game Legends of Pegasus for PC. It’s the 4X space simulation that will put players in control of the last surviving humans, as they explore space in a quest to expand their galactic empire.Legends of Pegasus takes you on an epic journey into space and mixes real-time and turn-based strategy. Expand your civilization by colonizing new planets, building factories, laboratories and shipyards, researching new technologies and designing new spaceships. Command your fleets in tactically challenging, visually stounding real-time battles. Save mankind in a massive, 40 hour single player campaign Fight multiplayer battles against up to seven opponents via internet or local area network The spectacular 3D graphics dont just bring life to marvelous planets, but also to the stunning spaceships you can freely design thanks to an intuitive ship editor.

Legends of Pegasus

4X space strategy: eXplore! eXpand! eXploit! eXterminate!
An unique mix of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay
Stunning 3D graphics
Three unique races with lots of customization options
Hundreds of technologies to research in dynamic and extensive tech-trees
A living universe, filled with numerous non-player factions
An epic, 40 hour single player campaign
Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players

Legends of Pegasus

Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Novacore Studios
Genre: Simulation
1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy
Use Launcher.exe, included with the cracked content, for setting the
language of your choice.

Release Name: Legends.of.Pegasus-SKIDROW
Size: 2.48 GB





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