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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Escape Goat v1.0.3

Escape Goat v1.0.3-OUTLAWS

Escape Goat v1.0.3-OUTLAWS
Scene group OUTLAWS released Escape Goat game for PC. Escape Goat is a new take on puzzle platforming. A goat, imprisoned for witchcraft, must escape the treacherous Prison of Agnus. Can you use the environment to your advantage to overcome all 50 rooms? Take heart, for a friendly mouse accompanies you, and he can help in the most unexpected ways. And while they sleep, the Prison of Agnus remains closed, with you trapped inside. To escape, you must work with a mouse companion to solve puzzles, overcome devious traps, and outwit determined foes. Escape Goat is a new take on puzzle platforming. Developed with a unique physics engine that allows pixel-perfect world manipulation and destruction, you must use the environment to your advantage to overcome the infernal traps, puzzles and machinery of the prison.


    Keyboard controls, settings, and the other stuff PC users like.
    Full-featured editor capable of making complete worlds, can share files (something the Xbox version can’t do).
    Some new tilesets, improved physics, slight improvements to level design.
    All new bonus campaign with 50 new puzzles, ranging in difficulty from “hard’ to “masochistic.”
    Autosaving and multiple save slots.

Publisher: MagicalTimeBean
Developer: MagicalTimeBean
Genre: Puzzle

Release Name: Escape.Goat.v1.0.3-OUTLAWS
Size: 30 GB

Install Notes
1. Unpack and install
2. Enjoy!


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